White Soya Sandalwood and Cedar Skull Candle Jar

White Soya Sandalwood and Cedar Skull Candle Jar

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Our white sandalwood and cedar soya candle skull jars smell divine, and look really cool too! This would make a perfect gift for a friend who loves unique candles, or a special treat for yourself.

Skull Symbolism

It is believed that the English word "skull" comes from the Old Norse word "skulle". Cranium is a Latin word which comes from the Greek root κρανίον (kranion). There are 22 bones in the human skull (teeth are not part of this), and they are divided into the cranium (8 bones) and face (14 bones). You think of the skull as a solid structure, but it contains lots of small holes called foramina, these allow the passage of nerves and blood vessels throughout the face.

Many people are fascinated with skull imagery and symbolism. Throughout the years, skulls have been used as warnings (i.e poison/toxicity), art (e.g Vanitas or 'Memento Mori'/'Remember You Must Die' allegories), literature (e.g Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'), cultural celebrations (e.g the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead) and War (Nazi SS insignia). Today, skulls continue to be used heavily in tattoo culture, fashion and in cutesy cartoons.

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