Spaced Out Tumbler 625 ml
Spaced Out Tumbler 625 ml
Spaced Out Tumbler 625 ml

Spaced Out Tumbler 625 ml

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We've all been there, in a world of our own till we get that morning caffeine fix. Well with this otherworldly double wall acrylic tumbler you can make sure people know exactly what your mental state is at 8am without being rude. Fill with a strong, dark iced coffee or a refreshing, energising fresh fruit cocktail to gently bring you back to Earth!

Comes with two lids - one flat and one cupcake style - plus a cute black and white swirl reusable plastic straw! And, your tumbler will also come beautifully packaged in a gorgeous box, fit to gift to a supreme!

The cold vacuum of outer space will help to keep your drink cold for up to 2 hours (with a little help from the double acrylic wall and rubber seal), so even the longest commutes to work are catered for!

  • Material: Acrylic plastic, BPA free, suitable for:
  • Warm drinks - up to 60 C / 140 F
  • Cold drinks - will keep drinks cold for up to 2 hours
  • Insulation time is with lid closed
  • Capacity: 22oz / 625ml
  • Comes with 2 plastic lids - flat & cupcake style
  • Insulated Double Wall
  • Height 10 ¼” with cupcake lid, 7 ¾” with flat lid
  • Diameter 3¾” (Top Part)
  • Straw 10 ½” Long
  • Not microwave / dishwasher safe

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