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Serpentine Tumbled Stone with Bag

Serpentine Tumbled Stone with Bag

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The beautiful grey/green Serpentine stone is used for healing and as a meditation aid. It is an Earth stone, and assists in Kundalini energy activation, by clearing the chakras. Serpentine is also seen as a stone of abundance; it can be used to attract what you need into your life by connecting with the intention of the heart and its source of energy. It can also be used in the retrieval of ancient wisdom.

A stone will be selected at random, and placed in a lovely little bag. Due to Serpentine being a natural stone, the colour and shape of the stone will differ ever so slightly from those shown in the photograph.

Crystal and Stone Gifts

Crystals and stones have been used since the ancient times, to holistically treat patients through precise placement on the body and in the room, as well as for protection. In healing, attention is paid to physical health, and emotional and spiritual well-being. They are generally worn in jewellery or carried.

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