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Sacral Chakra Meditation Stone
Sacral Chakra Meditation Stone

Sacral Chakra Meditation Stone

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This colourful Chakra meditation stone is engraved with the Sacral Chakra symbol to enhance a sense of sexuality, physical grace and pleasure. This item makes a thoughtful gift idea and as well as being used for meditation it can also be kept in a handbag or displayed on a desk for an improved sense of well-being. We have a stone for each Chakra, just search "Chakra Meditation Stone" in the search box above. Each stone comes with a small black drawstring pouch for safekeeping.

Stone Dimensions: 3.5cm (H) X 3.5cm (W) X 1cm (D)

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In Indian thought, the Chakras represent each of seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. It comes from the Sanskrit word for cakra ‘wheel or circle’, from an Indo-European base meaning ‘turn’, shared by wheel.

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