Pentacle Altar Cloth

Pentacle Altar Cloth with Celtic Border

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This stunning black altar cloth with fringing has been decorated with a striking metallic gold and silver pentacle design, and a Celtic-inspired border. Also perfect as a beautiful wall hanging.

Approximate Dimensions: 64cm (W) x 64cm (L)

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The pentagram is a five-pointed star religious symbol used by Pagans, its five points are often seen to represent the four classic elements of earth, water, air and fire joining with the fifth element of spirit to create life. Many believe that the pentagram is exclusively satanic, it is not. The reason it is commonly associated with Satanism, is probably because the largest branch of Satanism (Church of Satan, est. 1966) adopted the inverted pentagram with a goat head inside of it as their symbol. This is referred to as the Sigil of Baphomet and is now often associated with Lucifer or Satan and has demonic meanings.

A five-pointed star (pentagram) with a circle around it is referred to as a pentacle. In most Wicca traditions, the meaning of the pentacle is similar to that of the pentagram, but with the added belief in how the energy of the elements combine to create all of nature. If you choose to wear or use a pentacle, like all things in Wicca, it should be used with intent and respect, so take some time to decide what the pentacle means to you.


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