Pack of 12 Mixed Spell Candles
Pack of 12 Mixed Spell Candles

Pack of 12 Mixed Spell Candles

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Candle magick is white magick in the Wiccan religion and the Wiccan Rede "An harm to none do what thou wilt" should always be considered when casting candle magic spells. Lit candles also help create a magickal atmosphere during ritual or meditation, they bring the element of fire and can be used release or bring something on. The colour of a candle effects the energy brought to the ritual, so you should also be aware of this when casting or meditating. 

We have a wide range of spell candles and spell incense available, search "spell candles" and "spell incense" in the box above. Alternatively, view our Altar Collection.

Box Dimensions: 10.3cm (H) X 7.3cm (W) X 2.5cm (D)

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