One Salty Witch Phone Case - Samsung S9
One Salty Bitch Phone Case - Samsung S9

One Salty Bitch Phone Case - Samsung S9

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Awesome new phone case featuring the Devil himself dancing in glistening flames, with gold mirror effect details to reflect your shining wit! You're so salty you could make the devil weep. For witches who are sassy as hell and aren't afraid to show it. Don't let others dampen your flame because witch, you are on fire!

  • Hard cover Case: matte finish with mirror effect gold details
  • Covers the sides and back of your phone
  • Access to all ports
  • Buttons remain clickable
  • Also available for Samsung S10 and iPhone 11


  • Wipe with a damp wet cloth and let dry
  • Do not use alcohol or other chemicals
  • Do not submerge in water

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Rogue + Wolf is not just a brand - it's an exclusive community for those with twisted hearts that are not afraid to stare into the night. From the first pencil drawing to the last stage of manufacturing they design everything in house with their small and dedicated team of 7. They make each design in small batches with intense attention to detail and quality at each stage of the manufacturing. Everyone working with them will get a fair pay, and they don't do unpaid internships. They also don't exploit animals or use any industry, material or method that abuses or uses them in any way.

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