Mother Of Cats Large Tote Bag
Oversize Mother Of Cats Tote Bag
Oversize Mother Of Cats Tote Bag

Oversize Mother Of Cats Tote Bag

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This oversize tote bag will literally be the only tote you'll ever use again. Its large enough to hold a gallon jug and is made of durable 100% cotton canvas. This Mother Of Cats design is brought to you by The Pretty Cult and Little Ghouls, and is hand printed in the Haus Of Cult. 15% of all Mother Of Cats items are donated to a different charity each month. All charities will be those helping cats and kittens within The Pretty Cult's community. If you love this, you'll love more in The Pretty Cult collection.

Approx Dimensions: 44.5cm x 41.9cm x 12.7cm with a gazette on bottom
Handles: 2.5cm x 59.94cm

Photography © The Pretty Cult

The Pretty Cult was founded in 2012 by Arielle Salsa. All designs and creations manifest within the Haus of Cult studio located in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from powerful women, music, and all things transmundane; The Pretty Cult blurs the line between fashion and the Rock & Roll lifestyle.

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