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Hatching Dragon Egg Candle
Hatching Dragon Egg Candle

Hatching Dragon Egg Candle

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Melt away the scaly wax egg to reveal a porcelain baby dragon, and bring these mythical beasts back from extinction. The dragons come in three different colours (black, red and green) and is a lucky dip as to which colour you get. Your baby dragon's face will turn black as the candle burns, but the soot easily wipes away.

Please wait for it to cool before wiping, the wax can run considerably so please place on an appropriate surface. Burning time is approximately 24 hours and the candle is non-scented. The Hatching Dragon Egg Candle comes in its own box, so ideal for a gift.

Approximate Egg Size: 14cm x 14cm x 16cm
Approximate Dragon Size: 11cm x 4cm

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