Gold Sex Phrenology Dish
Gold Sex Phrenology Dish

Gold Sex Phrenology Dish

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A striking gold 'bits and bobs' dish featuring a retro pink phrenology print with the word SEX, somehow this dish can read your mind! A really stylish and cool conversation piece for your home, or a gift for a loved one.

We also have Wine, Love, and Chocolate in this range, what more could you want?

Approx Diameter: 13cm

 What is Phrenology?

Phrenology is now considered a pseudo-science, and certain individuals used it to justify some rather unpleasant beliefs. However, it has also influenced psychology as we know it and terms such as "getting your head read" comes from phrenology. 19th-century phrenologists studied the shape and size of the cranium in detail, and used it as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities. They called it "the only true science of mind". Despite some of the dubious beliefs surrounding it, many people enjoy the Victoriana style, including us, and so we have a stunning range of phrenology gifts and homewares. 

Did you know that in the Victorian era, some employers insisted that prospective employees should see a phrenologist, to find out whether they were honest and hard working? We encourage you to read about phrenology further, starting with our Curious Guide to Phrenology Part One and Part Two.

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