David Weidman Flower and Bug Coasters and Gift Box
David Weidman Flower and Bug Coasters
David Weidman Flower and Bug Coasters

David Weidman Flower and Bug Coasters

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This stunning set of cork backed lacquer coated coasters features the flower and bug illustration by David Weidman. With its clean colour scheme and emblematic design, it is an image that not only beautifully encapsulates David Weidman's work, but mid-century illustration in general. They come with a matching recyclable box, and are vegan friendly.

The design is part of thDavid Weidman collection from award winning designer gifts company Magpie. Our supplier only manufacture products that are cruelty free, and they donate a proportion of their sales to animal welfare charities.

David Weidman (June 28, 1921 – August 6, 2014) was an American animator, animation artist and silkscreen print artist known for his mid-century modern works, including posters, prints and ceramics. Weidman began his career in animation as a background artist during the 1950s and 1960s. During his later life, Weidman's silkscreens were featured in the sets of the AMC television series, Mad Men, which revived interest in his work. In 2010, the Los Angeles Times referred to Weidman as possibly "the most famous unknown artist.

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