Black Cat Apothecary Poison Potion Bottle

Black Cat Apothecary Poison Potion Bottle

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This ceramic potion bottle by Black Cat Apothecary will bring a Gothic air to your home. Predominantly black, this bottle features an aged 'label' that reads "The Black Cat Apothecary, Poison, A sinful synthesis of Bittersweet Nightshade, the sap of Desert-Rose leaves of Hemlock, petals of Moonflower and the roots of Mandrake."  Above the writing there is an emblem of a pentagram and below a skull and cross bones. This is the perfect gift for those who embrace their dark side.

Black Cat Apothecary Poison Potion Bottle is a creation of Nemesis Now, masters of all things Gothic and fantasy. They work with the world's leading fantasy artists and designers to product stunning collectables.

Approximate Dimensions: 19cm (H)

What is an apothecary?

An apothecary was a medical professional who prepared and dispensed medical material and substances to physicians, surgeons, and patients. Nowadays we refer to them as pharmacists or chemists. An apothecaries' study and investigation into ingredients, was a predecessor to those in the modern chemistry and pharmacology sciences. They also offered a range of general medical advice and services, which are now performed by surgeons and obstetricians. Our apothecary themed bottles and jars are reminiscent of those found in apothecary shops, these shops sold ingredients, prepared medicines to sell wholesale to other medical practitioners, and dispensed them to patients.

The word apothecary is late Middle English via Old French from late Latin apothecarius, Latin apotheca, and Greek apothēkē ‘storehouse’.

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