Pre-Order Updates

UPDATE 10/12/21

The plushes are on their way to us, and we hope to dispatch them by the end of next week (by 17th Dec). Thank you so much for your patience.


UPDATE 27/11/21

20th December is now the date of arrival at Nemesis Now. Again, we apologise for and will continue to update you here. 


UPDATE 26/10/21

Nemesis Now are now saying 17th November for the plushes, we can only apologise for this constant set back and will continue to update here. 


UPDATE 07/10/21

The altar cloths are being sent out this week. I have had an update from Nemesis Now regarding the plushes. They are having issues with their manufacturer delivering them from overseas, and currently do not have an ETA on when they will arrive. These are a brand new product and are not available anywhere else, therefore other companies are in the same situation as us. I will continue to chase for an ETA, but if you do require a refund, please contact us.


UPDATE 04/10/21

Nemesis Now are still saying 5th October for the plushes, so I really hope they arrive with them this week, I will be checking every day from tomorrow. The altar cloths are on their way to us and will hopefully be here on Wednesday 6th October, so they will be sent out as soon as they arrive. Thank you for your patience yet again.


UPDATE 16/09/21

Nemesis Now are saying 5th October for the plushes, we will of course keep checking and chasing for you. Thank you for your patience.


UPDATE: 03/09/21

We have just found our that the plushes have been pushed back to October due to manufacture and supply issues. All companies who have pre-ordered these from Nemesis Now are having issues, so we really appreciate you bearing with us. We have requested information on the altar cloths, as the website is still saying 26/08/21 so we should have them by now, we will update as soon as we know. Thank you so much for your patience.


UPDATE: 06/08/21

The Baphoboos have arrived!!! If you've placed a pre-order, they should be arriving with you by Tuesday 10th August. The status of the plushes and altar cloths are still as below.


UPDATE: 02/08/21

The Baphoboos are on their way to us, once they arrive they will be sent to you on a 24 Tracked service. Thank you so much for your patience.


Due to the situation with Covid impacting manufacture, we have had some delays with the following pre-orders; Cult Cuties Baphoboos, Fluffy Fiends plushes and tarot spread altar cloths.

Please note: We no longer offer pre-orders, manufacture is so unpredictable at the moment, and we don't want to keep our customers waiting.

The Baphoboos are currently on the ship and scheduled to arrive with our supplier on 10th August. The plushes are scheduled for September, with no set arrival date as yet. The altar cloths are due to arrive on 20th August.

These have been delayed quite considerably from when the pre-orders were first placed, so we would like to thank our customers who have pre-ordered for their patience. We are a small independent company, so the fact that the majority of our customers are happy to wait is a massive boost for us, and we can't thank everyone enough. We will update this page should anything change, but please contact us with any further questions.