Environmental Policy

Nature is so important to us, and we're always striving to find better ways to conduct our business.

Both Dave and I are vegetarian (I have an 80% plant based diet) and work from home, so the majority of travel we make is purely for social use. Despite us being classic car and van fans, we keep our travel in them to the minimum. We always try to make positive choices when it comes to buying everyday essentials such as clothing, food, hygiene, beauty and cleaning products. However, because we are an ecommerce business, we generate a lot of packaging waste and rely on trucks for deliveries. Therefore we do the following, to help offset this.

  • We work with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order placed through the store, compensate our carbon footprint per staff member and help fund climate projects. Further info about this is below.
  • We use recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • Our Curious Boxes packaging is designed by us, and in such a way that they can be coloured in with the free pencils, and used as a beautiful storage solution, rather than be thrown away.
  • If we can't re-use the cardboard boxes that our stock is delivered in, or the bubble wrap, then we use a responsible supplier for getting rid of our packaging waste.
  • We use 100% recyclable, plastic free, acid free and vegan self-adhesive paper tape.
  • We use 100% recyclable biodegradable green bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is manufactured with additives blended into the resin which ensure the product degrades down quickly when disposed of in the correct environment. When exposed to sunlight, heat, moisture and microbes the bubble wrap will degrade down to the basic elements of CO2, H20 and Biomass. Where possible we will also re-use bubble wrap that our stock is delivered in.
  • We use brown recyclable paper when required for impact protection.
  • We use 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and compostable EcoFlo packing peanuts. Made from annually renewable raw materials, the corn starch based EcoFlo peanuts are completely plastic free. They can be reused, recycled or dissolved in water.
  • We use Royal Mail for delivering our orders, and in 2020 they were identified as the eco-friendliest delivery company, scoring 54.5 out of 60. They have the largest ‘feet on the street’ network (90,000 postal workers), have reduced carbon emissions by 29% since 2005 and have invested in a 295-strong fleet of electric vehicles.
  • The majority of our suppliers are independent and UK based. We work with suppliers who are making steps to be sustainable, have a good ethos and who are inclusive.

About Ecologi

Ecologi allows businesses and individuals to help undo years of carbon damage, and as a result help save the planet that we live on. We are over the moon to now be working with Ecologi to compensate our carbon footprint and help fund climate projects. For every sale through our store, a tree will be planted. We also pay an amount each month which enables them to plant a minimum of 12 trees per employee every month in Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua. Each employee’s entire carbon footprint is more than offset and includes:

  • Home living and personal travel.
  • Holidays.
  • Food.
  • Hobbies and well, everything!

View our Ecologi Forest and if it is something that you would like to be a part of (either personally or through your business), sign up via this linkboth you and HowCurious? will then receive 30 sparkly trees. These are awarded to members who refer their friends and family, the more you share the more you get. Ecologi are extremely transparent with respect to what projects are being funded, how the trees that we plant are being protected and how much money is being spent on running the Ecologi business. 

There Is Always More To Do

  • Our supplier claimed the mailer bags we use for smaller items were eco-friendly but after doing some research we are not so sure. Therefore, we are currently looking for a better alternative.
We are by no means perfect, but when we can identify an area to improve, we will act on it. We are lucky enough to live amongst some beautiful rural areas, which we enjoy with our dogs on a daily basis, and we want this preserved for future generations. We live right next to the devastation that is HS2, and have witnessed our beautiful local wooded areas being destroyed. We only want to build, not knock down, so this feels particularly personal to us. Our environment means the world to us, literally, and if we can help in a small way, we will. We're a small business, so what we're doing isn't huge but it's a start, and you help us do this, so thank you!


We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi