Curious Promoter Box

We've been working on this for a while and we're over the moon to announce it. You love our curious boxes, you love our mystery boxes and everyone loves a discount code, so why not mix it up a little? Here's how our Curious Promoter Box works:

  1. Direct message or email us for your personalised 15% discount code.
  2. Use it yourself or give it out to your family, friends and followers.
  3. Every time the code is used, we'll add an item to your very own curious box until it reaches 8 orders. The code can be used on anything in the store.
  4. Once it gets to 8 orders, we'll send the curious box out to you with your 8 items in.
  5. Your order count resets and will start counting up to 8 again.

We hope you love the idea, here's some potential questions that you may have, enjoy!

1. What details should I use when promoting?
When giving out the code, we're HowCurious? Ltd and our website is

2. Is there a limit on use?
The code can be used again and again, and we'll keep sending curious promoter boxes out to you again and again.

3. What if I just want to use the code?
That's fine, there's just a better chance of you getting your box quicker if you distribute the code.

4. What will be in the box?
It could be anything from our vast 450+ items in stock. If you're a promoting whizz and you end up receiving multiple boxes, we'll take care in making sure you don't receive the same items. Also, each box will have a RRP of over £20 and you'll of course get the free colouring pencils that all Curious Boxes have.

5. Where will you send the box?
We'll send the box out to the shipping address on the last order you placed, unless you tell us otherwise.

6. My box isn't curious
If this is really really really popular and we run out of Curious Boxes before our box order comes, we'll send in a normal box but with an extra item.

7. How will I know how many times the code has been used?
You can email us at any time and we can send you a screen grab of your discount code use. We can only send you this on weekdays 9am - 5pm, as we need to access the info from our computer.