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Our Viking themed gift and home decor items are perfect for people who have a curious interest in these ancient people and their culture. How curious are you?

The Viking period runs from AD700 to 1100 in European history; the name comes from Old Norse meaning 'a pirate raid'. The Vikings left their Scandinavian homes during this period and travelled by sea in longboats to countries such as Britain and Ireland. When the Vikings first landed on these shores, they fought and stole from churches, burning many buildings to the ground. Vikings were pagans, not Christians like most British people at the time, so did not care about burning and looting Christian buildings. Not all were bad, some came to settle and were farmers and crafts people. Vikings sailed the seas trading goods to buy silver, silks, spices, wine, jewellery, glass and pottery to bring back to their homes. Although the British people called them 'Danes' they also came from Norway and Sweden.
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