Strongwomen and Strongmen

Our strongwomen and strongmen themed gift and home decor items are perfect for people who have a curious interest in the wild women and men of sideshow. How curious are you?

In the American sideshow's heyday, the circus would roll into town offering crowds a glimpse of human marvels; humans whose very existence at the time, was a complete mystery. Crowds flocked to the tents to see conjoined twins, four legged girls, bearded ladies, human unicorns, strong women, pinheads, tall men, camel girls, alligator boys and lobster boys. Eventually, viewing "human oddities" became distasteful as the public conscience changed. However, years later and a much more tasteful resurgence occurred thanks to the The Jim Rose Circus. The impact of this on pop culture inspired a new wave of performers, and with this came a renewed interest and new found respect for the latter day men and women of sideshow.
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