Will You Find A Hidden Scroll?

We've been so busy lately that we totally missed us hitting 22K followers on Instagram. Thank you so much for your support and hellllooo to our new followers. Here's how you can enter our giveaway this weekend.⁠

We've just launched volume 2 of the Mysterious & Curious box, and you can choose a £25 box, £35 box or £50 box. These boxes are perfect for those who can't decide what they want, for those who like surprises and for those who want to discover something a little different.⁠

To celebrate our new followers, we've hidden some scrolls in all volume 2 Mysterious & Curious boxes sold on Fri 3rd, Sat 4th and Sun 5th September. These scrolls will each contain a unique discount code worth either £5, £10 or £20, and we're giving away £100 in total. If you find a scroll, congratulations! It'll have your code and the amount it's worth, just type it into the checkout box when you want to place another order. There are 6 x £5 scrolls, 3 x £10 scrolls and 2 x £20 scrolls.⁠

The scrolls will be hidden in random volume 2 Mysterious & Curious boxes purchased on Fri 3rd, Sat 4th and Sun 5th September 2021. The code can only be used once and will expire on 1st October 2021. GOOD LUCK!
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