New Year, New Logo

Happy new year everyone! The eagle eyed ones among you may have already noticed our new logo appear throughout the day. Why the change? Nothing sinister, I just had a different vision for HowCurious when I started it back in 2017, and going into our 5th year, I wanted something that reflected us now. The logo will also better suit the ideas we have for this year. Before HowCurious I worked as a Graphic Designer full time and us designers are never happy with our work, and I've wanted to change our logo for so long.

Curiosities to Awaken the Spirit 
We've also had a new strapline, it's really hard to capture our complete offerings in just one line, but I think it sums HowCurious up perfectly.

Growth, Harmony & Renewal
Back in 2017 our brand colour was yellow. I loved the idea of ditching the black that everyone expected from a store likes ours, and using yellow. I've even flirted with a dusky pink. However, I realllly love dark imagery, so I kept slipping into those dark waters. So, now we'll be using black, white and a beautiful earthy green. For me green represents growth, harmony, and nature. My favourite artistic style is Art Nouveau, and it reminds me of the muted green that so many of those late 19th century artists used.

I hope you like our new look, it'll take a while for you to start seeing it on the parcels, packaging, discount cards and gift cards while we use everything up, but I was just too excited to not launch it online.

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