Happy Earth Day


Friday 22nd April is Earth Day, and although we're a tiny two person business, we still have an impact and try every single day to do better for the planet. Our environmental policy goes into great detail about what we do, including planting trees via Ecologi with every order placed. For Earth Day we're:

✨ Giving 25% off our Earth Day collection; curiosities that are either made in an environmentally friendly way or inspired by our love of the planet (code: EARTH). Offer ends at 22nd April, 23:59pm. We will put the proceeds towards...

🌳 Purchasing 50 trees via Ecologi.

🦇 Launching and giving away 10 tins of Bat Mix Seedballs to the first 10 orders over £30 placed from 10am on Thursday 21st April. No code required, we'll just pop it in your order.

The www.earthday.org website has a vast amount of information and resources, and there are lots of other websites which give suggestions for small manageable things that you can do.

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